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I have over a decade of experience on this side of the lens in commercial, print, acting, voice over, and runway. I signed with an agency and became their ten-week modeling coach in less than 6 months.
Book me for all your professional modeling needs! Resume available upon request.
I am also a Model Mentor!
Model: Book a one-on-on class in-person (preferred) or over zoom! Covers how to build your portfolio, pitch to the brands you want to work with, agency do’s and don'ts (Utah only), posing for the different kinds of bookings, and industry best practices! 
Model: Book a portfolio-building portrait session with personalized posing instruction including face & body, as well as my tips and tricks to maximize your number of knock out images per shoot. 
Photographer: Book a portrait session to increase your comfort level on the other side of the lens! Specialized instruction on how to direct your models to keep them as comfortable and confident as possible. 
Companies: Consultations on which models in my network to hire for professionalism, style of shoot, inclusivity, diversity, and budget.
Utah Photographer
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