I grew up watching America's Next Top Model on Saturday afternoons and practicing "smizing" in the mirror, dreaming of being on set. I was first scouted and booked for modeling at 15 for a global print magazine and have had an incredible 15 year career since, including becoming the ten-week modeling coach for my first agency after a few months of being signed at 22. Being on this side of the lens has taught me invaluable lessons in healthy self-confidence, the workflow of photoshoots, and best practices in the industry.

My lifelong interest in cameras pulled me to wanting to master photography, and I earned degrees in Design with an Emphasis in Photography, and Communications (Digital Marketing). I graduated college and accepted a job at a company in New York City shooting and marketing household name brands for nearly a year before the pandemic hit. I craved photographing people again after working in product photography (and connecting face-to-face in general!) and started my home studio portraiture business a few months later. It took off! With billboards from my very first commercial shoot my first month in business, multiple magazine publishings my first year, a news interview the next, numerous podcast interviews, and guest lecturing at my alma mater and other schools last year.

Now I see how everything led to this. I've planned and participated and produced photoshoots from every angle and bring this expertise to my work with you every single day. Booking with me means receiving photographs that bring together the strategy of usage goals and marketing your brand with the skills of presenting your best self in front of the lens, and the mastery of studio photography to capture it all in a way that you will cherish for years.

That's strategic, soulful studio portraiture.

for all your professional portraiture needs! Resume available upon request.